A Hike At Watershed Park


A couple of weekends ago it was sunny for the first time in what felt like months, and we spent most of the weekend outside. It was fantastic, especially after the winter we’ve had.  I know, there are a lot of places where it’s WINTER, with lots of snow and all. But the GREY here, ya’ll, is oppressive.  I mean, really, exhausting.  So anyway, it is lovely to see the sunshine, and we have been taking full advantage!

We went over to Watershed Park for a little hike, and had a really fun time.  Jack was thrilled with being able to run wild and free.

The park is really pretty, with rolling hills and a little stream that you can walk down to.

In the middle of the park there is a veeeeery strange area.  It may have been a drainage basin at one point?  But it’s got this crazy peace sign in it.  It’s hard to explain, and is incredibly strange, but somehow fits in that little corner of the world.

We had a really nice hike, and look forward to this summer and all the sunny days to come…


The Aquarium


When Elaine was here we went to the Aquarium for the afternoon. We hadn’t been in about a year, so it was a very different experience with an almost 2 year-old.  Jack really liked touching the starfish, he thought that was pretty great.

He also really liked the octopus.  And the “big fish”!

He talked about the big fish for at least 3 weeks after we were there.

I think I like the big room where you can just sit and watch the fish swim by.

We could have sat in there for hours.

Jack was totally into it, and we love the aquarium!

Children’s Museum


Our PEPS outing in March was to the Bellevue Children’s Museum. We have a membership, thanks to my parents, and had been one time before. All the kids had a wonderful time, running around playing in the water, shooting scarves through tubes, and playing with the giant light-bright.  They were so cute, and it was really fun to see everyone.

A Day in the Snow


On one of the days that Elaine was here, we went up to the pass at Snoqualmie to play in the snow.

Jack had a really good time.  He threw snowballs,

made a snowman,

and ate chili in the lodge.  There were a lot of people out on the mountain on skis and snowboards.  There was also a class of small children taking ski lessons, and Jack was enthralled.  He stood and watched them all sliding around, practicing on skis, and it looked like he wanted to try it so much.  I think that next season we’ll need to sign him up for a couple of days of ski lessons!  We had a great time in the cold and snow.

A Visit From Nana


On the day after we got back from Hawaii, John had to leave for a week for work.  What timing!  When I took John to the airport, I picked up Elaine at the same time.  She got to stay for two weeks, and just had a blast playing with Jack.

He really took to her, and woke up wanting to “play with Nana”.  They played with Play-doh, and colored pictures, and read Dr. Seuss books over, and over, and over.  They became best buddies, and it was so sad when she had to leave.  Come back and visit soon, Nana!

Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii – Day 10


This is the last of a series of posts about our fabulous February escape from Seattle to Hawaii. Click here to read from the beginning…

We woke up on February 20th so sad that our vacation was drawing to an end.  I was excited to be back in my own bed, and to stop living out of a suitcase, sure, but I was not ready to go back to the real world and the rain of the Puget Sound Region.

We did a lot of packing, and getting ready, and getting lunch. But somewhere in there we managed to get over to a very large park to let the kids run wild and free before we squeezed them onto a plane for 6 hours.

We got to the airport with no problem, made it on the plane, and fondly wished Hawaii Aloha.  What an amazing trip!

Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii – Day 9


I am finishing up a long series of posts about our fantastic trip to Hawaii.  If you want to start from the beginning, click here…

On the morning of our next to last day, we drove over to the Dole Plantation to eat some pineapple and ride the train. I wasn’t that excited about going, but it turned out to be one of my favorite parts of Oahu!  We arrived just in time for a train tour, which was super fun.

Jack was beside himself, and it was really interesting to see the pineapple fields and the other fruit they grow there, including bananas and mangoes.

They also had a huge pond with coy in it, and food that you could buy to feed them.  They were literally swimming out of the water on top of each other to get the food, and the boys thought they were the greatest thing ever.  They were giggling and having such a good time!

Then we spent some time in the gift and snack shop.  We got a pineapple soft-serve ice cream with pineapple topping. It was soooooo tasty, and Jack L.O.V.E.D. it!

We ate lunch, let the kids run around outside until they were worn out, and did a little shopping at the touristy kiosks on the way out.  It was very relaxing and I think the kids had a fantastic time.

Jack fell asleep about two blocks away from our hotel, so I was able to gently carry him upstairs and lay him down without waking him up. He must have been exhausted, because that never happens…and all of you parents out there know what a total WIN this was.

I slipped out while Jack was sleeping because Yuka and I had found a TravelZoo Voucher for a massage and body scrub at the Mandara Spa at the Hilton Resort. We got there a little early and did the steam room, then just got pampered. It was relaxing and just the perfect afternoon, a great way to spend my final afternoon in Hawaii.  I was only sad to have to leave the next day.

We met up with the guys, the kids, and Allison and found a place for a sushi dinner.  Jack loved it – he got to eat as much rice as he wanted! We sat in a U-shaped booth, and Jack and Ronin spent a lot of time during our dinner under the table, which was hilarious.  We had a really nice dinner and just enjoyed hanging out with each other. Then we went home and packed and fell into bed.